the boutique consultant

I'm Allison Christy, the Marketing Director behind the scenes, building relationships between online boutiques and their consumers across digital media.

Gotja Social started as a side hustle, with me offering marketing and web design services for online clothing boutiques. Most of my clients had Big Cartel sites and I moved their sites to Shopify to scale their businesses. I've coupled my web design and marketing skills to grow my client's businesses to reaching 7-figures in sales annually. 

Over the past 6 years, Gotja Social has grown into a content marketing agency. My clients see the best results when a strong strategy fuels the creative and content distribution of their marketing campaigns. I understand that the relationship with your audience is what drives sales. As a storyteller, with business savvy, I execute campaigns that are creative and effect your bottom line.

When I'm not behind the scenes of a campaign shoot, you can find me on Instagram @gotjasocial. Each week, I host a LIVE IG chat with my followers to review their websites or share content marketing advice. It's a great community of black female entrepreneurs sharing marketing advice for new business owners. 

If you'd like to know more about me or my services, you can send me an email