How to grow my following on my business page?

Rihanna has 74.3M followers on Instagram.

Beyonce has 132M followers on IG. 

Kylie has 144M.

Now, of course, you're not famous like any of these women mentioned above but you do want to have a strong following on IG. Before you start googling ways to grow your followers, take some time to think about why having a large number of followers is important for you.

What are you going to do with hundreds or thousands of new followers? 

Why would thousands of people want to follow your business page?

Can you even handle the influx of notifications, comments, DMs that would come as a result of all of these followers?

Before getting into the 5 Tips for Growing Your Following on Your Business Page, answer the questions above. Does having a large number of followers increase the value of your business or is it just a vanity number that makes your business "look good"? I suggest having a plan in mind of how you're going to convert these followers into customers by providing them with valuable content and having the community management in place to respond to inquiries via social media. 

Now that you have a better understanding of why followers are important for your business, let's get into these tips!

1. Know what your followers care about. Do your research and due diligence to really know what interests your current followers have and the interests of the new followers you want to attract. It's important that you understand what they like, who they follow, what music they like, what inspires them, etc. The more you know your followers, the more you can be a resource for them. 

2. Share consistent and valuable content related to your followers' interests. This should be easy after researching them online. For example, if you find that your followers are always taking trips, share your favorite accessories for vacation. If your followers always have questions about a product/service you offer, make videos that address their concerns. When you create consistent content directly related to their interests or answers common questions they have, you'll be seen as a trustworthy expert in your industry. 

3. Create shareable content. The more good content you create, the more your followers will share it. Think about the content that your friends have shared with you recently, why did they share it? Was it funny, inspirational, did it answer a question you've been having? Use these insights to create content for your brand. Some of my favorite pieces of shareable content are funny videos, dance videos, inspirational quotes, tutorials, and infographics. You can check out my IG for some examples on infographics.

4. Collaborate with other brands online that share the same followers that you want to attract. When you partner with other brands, your brand will be shared with their audience and if their followers like your brand, they'll become your followers too. This is why it's important to evaluate a partnership before agreeing to work together. Think about if the brand aligns with yours and how each of you can benefit each other, if at all. 

5. Engage with the followers you have now. I know you're focused on gaining new followers but don't neglect the ones you currently have. Be sure to follow, comment, and like the pictures that your current followers share. Ask them questions and respond to their comments. Happy followers will promote your page without you having to!

I hope you found this post helpful for your boutique business. If you have any questions please email and if you want to book a consult for an action plan on growing your audience, click here.

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