4 Reasons Why Your Boutique Needs A Website

If you're selling clothes, you need to have an online presence and that means having a website. Even if you have a physical location, having an online website is a huge benefit to the growth of your business.

Here are my 4 reasons why your boutique needs a website:

online boutique

1. A website is open 24/7 and that means you can make money all day and night. Have you ever people say that they make money while they sleep? Well, it's possible that they have an online store setup and their customers are up late at night placing orders. Think about it. How many times have you found yourself browsing online after normal business hours? How many time have you placed an order at midnight because you received an email for a "Late Night Flash Sale"? Having a website that's able to accept orders long after you've ended a work day ensures that you're able to make money all day and night. 

open 24/7

2. Your website reaches customers from all over the world. Let's say you have a boutique in Atlanta. Just because your boutique is in Atlanta does that mean you won't accept an order from a customer that's in Los Angeles? No. You would still want to make that sale and having an online website allows you to do just that. Not only can you accept orders from within the United States, but you can also take orders from all over the world. American fashion trends are popular all over the world but not all countries have access to our fashions. Being able to reach an underserved market can mean more sales for your boutique and a loyal fan base. 

3. In the digital age, having a website is expected. Because of the convenience, over 50% of shoppers are now shopping online instead of going to an actual store location. This means that customers expect you to have an online site. Even if the customer still decides to come shop in-store, your website is a mental security check that customers make before deciding to shop with you. 

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4. Your competition has a website and you need one too. Don't even start with that "I don't have any competition" line, because you do! The moment you opened your boutique, you immediately placed yourself in a competitive market that's fighting for your customers. If local boutiques have online sites and you don't, they're able to reach your customers when you close your doors. That busy mom who works from 7am - 6pm and has to help her kids with homework until 8pm and is too tired to make it to your store before it closes at 9, but still needs a dress for her birthday is going to be up at 10pm ordering online from another local boutique because they sell the same dress you have and have fast delivery. You see how easy it was for you to miss out on that sale. Imagine how many other sales you're unable to get because you simply don't have a website. 


There's a host of reasons why your boutique needs an online website but these are my top 4. Are you ready to get started on your website? Drop a line in the comments below. 

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